Q What does the Government contribute?
A. The Government of India supplies grains through Food Corporation of India. The Government of India also promises to provide cooking charges at the rate of Rs. 4.13 per day per child.
Q. How much does it cost to feed one child per day?
A. Taking into consideration the above Govt. subsidy the net cost including all overhead expenditures will come to approximately Rs.5.00 per day per child. This includes costs of infrastructure, vehicles, recurring capital, working capital expenses, etc.
Q. What are our goals?
A. We endeavour to open more kitchens and reach out to more beneficiaries with healthy nutritious meals.
Q. What if one wishes to sponsor students in an approved school?
A. Schools function for 220 days in a year, and the cost of providing meals to say 1000 students in a school comes to approximately Rs. 5,08200/- per year, which can be paid in monthly instalments of Rs. 42,350/- per month.
Q. How does ISKCON Food Relief Foundation use its resources?
A. We use the resources for feeding school meals to impoverished underprivileged children in India.

Q: What is unique about the ISKCON Food Relief Foundation mid-day meal program?
A. Our flagship programme strategically addresses the two most pressing problems of hunger and illiteracy amongst children in India. It helps to bring children to the classroom every day by offering free daily meals. In this way the hungry child is encouraged to attend school and, through education gain a better future for himself and his communities.

Our meals are in conformance with Supreme Court guidelines of 18gms protein and 450Kcal per serving of 200grams of food.
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