Annamrita Foundation (Formerly Known as ISKCON Food Relief Foundation)
Annamrita Foundation (Formerly Known as ISKCON Food Relief Foundation) is the biggest implementer of the Government of India's Mid-day Meal programme in Delhi/NCR and is providing hygienically cooked, balanced, nutritious, wholesome food for children in municipal and government aided schools.

Our flagship programme strategically addresses the two most pressing problems of hunger and illiteracy amongst children in India. It helps to bring children to the classroom every day by offering free daily meals. In this way the hungry child is encouraged to attend school and, through education gain a better future for himself and his communities.

The success of this scheme is illustrated by a marked increase in the number of children for enrolment, retention, performance and completion in different schools. It is driving underprivileged children of Delhi/NCR to explore their potentials, earn a decent living and live a respectable life in the society.

• 1 in every 2 children dies in India due to hunger and malnutrition.
• Every 2nd child in India is malnourished and does not go to school.
• 71% of children are illiterate.
• Today, India tops the world hunger chart. Nearly 50% of the world's hungry live here.
• Hunger is still the biggest threat to health!

Children are particularly helpless as hunger kills millions of them each year. Hungry children think about survival, not about going to school. In order to survive they have to labour, whether in the fields or on the streets. Even if they do make it into the classroom, hunger will affect their ability to learn. All of this suffering could be prevented.

The solution - Annamrita Foundation (Formerly Known as ISKCON Food Relief Foundation) Meal's
An education can set a child free from poverty in adult life. To gain an education children first need to attend school and then be given the opportunity to learn. Annamrita Foundation (Formerly Known as ISKCON Food Relief Foundation) is not only feeding children, but it is also allowing the children to attend school and to be educated:

• Enrolments of girl child increased by 64%.
• 62% parents reported increase in children's weight.
• Increased Attendance by 24%.
• School dropouts reduced by 14%.
• New enrolments increased by 44%.
• Malnutrition reduced, better health of school going students.
• Reduced Teacher's absenteeism.
• Reduced Juvenile crime.
Feed a hungry child