Our Delivery Mechanism
Our Delivery Mechanism Once the cooked meals are packed in the sealed containers, the Supervisor of the kitchen consults a daily chart of the schools covered under the program and the number of children for whom meals would need to be sent and accordingly prepares a delivery challan which contains the name of the school, the item being sent for the day, the quantity of the item to be served to each student and the total number of students of the school. Depending on the number of students,

we are providing Mid Day meals for in a particular school, a dedicated fleet of delivery vans which are specially designed with stainless steel racks, are loaded with the sealed containers for dispatch to the school along with the delivery challan to be signed by the school co-ordinator, a person nominated by the school, after receiving the meal and ensuring that the same has not been tampered with. The delivery challan also instructs the school co-ordinator to immediately inform us if there are any complaints in connection with the food delivered. The delivery vehicle then proceeds to the school.

The driver of the vehicle is accompanied by a helper who assists him in unloading the containers of food. The containers are delivered to the school co-ordinator who receives the food containers, acknowledges the receipt of the food in good condition by signing a copy of the delivery challan and returning the same to the driver of the vehicle. Subsequently during the lunch hour in the school, the respective class teachers open the seal on the containers and serve the delicious, steaming, nutritious meal to the students.