Our Kitchen
'Spanking clean' that is what comes across your mind when you seen the kitchen here, cleanliness personified. Considering that this small centre caters to thousands of meals a day, you still find everything to be arranged in order and hygiene being maintained. The kitchen is ISO certified and follows quality controls and the staffs are well trained. The infrastructure is designed such that it is hygienic.

The kitchen has been designed to generate more than 1,77,000 meals every day. Undoubtedly it's a technology marvel with state of art machines and a fantastic process lay-out.

The highly synchronized operation starts at 12 am in the morning everyday and goes on until 8PM. Battery of rice boilers come to life and tones of rice are generated. Automatic poorie machines churn out ten thousand poories every hour. A state of art Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) ensures Environment conscious approach of the Foundation.

The technology helps in reducing the potential for pollution of receiving waters and to comply with discharge consent condition.


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